10 Ways To Be More Successful

There are countless ways that I can help you succeed as a blogger, small business owner, and online entrepreneur. These top 10 ways that I can help you be successful are near and dear to my heart. I believe that anyone who sets out to be a blogger, small business owner, or online entrepreneur, can be truly successful; not without hard work and lots of it. That’s where I come in. Hard work does not have to mean that you are able to do everything alone. Let me help!

I can help you be successful by taking the stress out of daily tasks. I can help you become and STAY organized, my social media services are great for anyone feeling overwhelmed! I have years of experience doing quality research, let me do the leg work for your next post or project. Companies and readers expect quality content from you on a daily basis, don’t make the mistake of buying content from someone who does not have the experience or education necessary to provide you with impeccable results, every time. You can also allow me to help you grow your list! Making your links shine and getting them included in roundups, features, etc. is a great way for me to help you gain subscribers and page views!

There is no way to include all of the tasks that a quality virtual assistant can accomplish. The most important thing is that you are able to focus on the most important aspect of your blog or business: you. Your website, store, what have you, is not the same without you. If you are constantly running in ten different directions and never giving anything your full attention, there’s a good chance you are going to suffer, become burnt out, and quit, or your business is going to suffer. These 10 tasks are things I can help you with. I can take these tasks off your shoulders and free up your schedule to do other important projects!


There are a plethora of fantastic scheduling systems out there right now! Google Executive Calendar is one of them and with my help you can get your posts, personal life, etc. all scheduled and color coordinated. We can both see and edit the SAME calendar, no copying and pasting. I can help you make sure that nothing falls through the cracks or is overlooked again.


Not all content on every blog is written by the owner. Being able to read posts and get a feel for the author and their own personal style is a gift. It takes a bit of time but it’s very possible that I can create content that will fit seamlessly into your niche without anyone being aware that you didn’t write 8 amazing posts this week! Your readers and sponsors have the privilege of new and exciting content and you get to put in one less 12 hour day. It can truly be a win-win for you and your blog to allow me to assist with content.

Following Leads – Gaining Traffic

Many bloggers realize that the potential for more traffic is out there. They know, just like you know, that being included in roundups, feature articles, etc. on larger blogs or blogs with the same niche, can mean a lot of free traffic to the site. Let me help you get your links out there! I can assist in getting your content included in roundups and feature articles so that you can reap the rewards of additional traffic.


Being an expert in your niche is hard to do. Writing articles from a well-informed point of view is easy if you do enough research. Quality research takes time; let me find you the information you need to write successfully. I have a degree in English which has granted me several years of experience working with quality research tools. I can put my skills to work for you, saving time and energy, avoiding frustration.

Clerical Tasks

Clerical tasks like bookkeeping and data entry can be simple tasks that get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Because they are an everyday task, it is simple to assign them to a virtual assistant. I can help keep your bills, data entry jobs, and all variety of spreadsheets up to date and scheduled. Imagine a day where you can simply open a spreadsheet and it’s clean, organized, and ready to go. Information is easy to find, up to date, and accurate. This does not have to be a dream; it is something I can EASILY help you manage.

Data Processing

Synthesizing data into useable formats can be daunting. Let me help keep you on track for that next presentation. I am also able to help by taking on large projects and mountains worth of data. I can turn all of those resources into useful statistics and presentations that you can actually use and understand. This service is especially useful for newsletters and email blasts. Nothing is better than not having to worry about how you will get organized for that next message going out to your list! Sending me bits and pieces, jumbled messes, raw data, or ideas is the first step; I’ll send them back as useful groups, documents, spreadsheets, and more!

Email Management

Once your blog or website begins seeing real traffic levels there is no doubt your inbox will start to fill up. Readers reaching out, spam mail, companies who want to work with you, they all get lumped into one messy group that makes finding anything useful an all-day task. Let me assist: I can get your inbox under control, organized, and easily accessible. I am also happy to manage correspondence and questions. I provide easy to digest spreadsheets with leads, reader contacts, tasks, etc. This service opens you up to respond to the important messages, deal with sponsors, connect with readers, and never miss a thing!

Gifts, Follow Ups, Seasonal Greetings, & Social Obligations

Part of being included in such a tight knit community is reaching out and connecting not only with your audience but also with your peers. Sending gifts, follow ups after a conference, and seasonal greetings may be things you WANT to do but have no time to ACTUALLY accomplish. Let me help! I’m happy to be handle gifts, follow ups, seasonal greetings, and other social obligations on your behalf. This can help you build strong community connections which will help grow not only your traffic but also your influence within your niche.

Travel Arrangements

Those of you who travel blog or own small businesses that require you to travel know how difficult it can be to make time to research in order to find the best travel arrangements. I can take that off your list as well! I’m an experienced traveler and well versed in the world of online shopping. Let me handle your travel arrangements so you can focus on planning the important parts of your next trip.

Meeting Minutes / Transcription Services

One of the ways in which I vary from the typical VA is in my degree & background. I have a degree in English and my communications background makes me very versatile. I am a skilled note taker and quite efficient with transcription services. Have an audio or video recording of your last meeting, most recent book notes, or content ideas? Send it to me and I’ll return to you the text document with all of your information. This frees up not only your time but also your hands. Dictate your next post to your iPhone and easily email it to me for transcription, formatting, proofing, and return!

Refreshing Tired Content

Yes, I know this is number 11. It is an important one though…You have TONS of content on your blog that was once making you a lot more money than it is today. Why is that? Are the photos out of date? Is the content geared towards a specific season? Let me help you make that content useful again. Refreshing old content and updating it with new pictures and information can help get it ready for a republish. Keeping that original traffic, driving in even more, and building on a solid foundation are all much smarter for SEO & AD revenue.

I hope you will keep all of these things in mind as you consider what I can do for you. I’m happy to discuss any ideas you may have and I look forward to being able to help make you and your business more successful!