Client Info

I’ve finally carved out some time to update my own website! Gasp, I know, it’s been long overdue. I have put together some helpful client info for when you have questions, concerns, or inquires. All my clients require different schedules, tasks, projects, and turnaround times. This is a general overview and should you have concerns or need things that fall outside of these limits I encourage you to discuss them with me so we can work something out. I’m always happy to put together a package that suits you needs. 

This is helpful Client Info for present, future, and past customers! 

Working Hours

We’re located on the East Coast in Pennsylvania. My daily hours are from 9-5 pm. During those times I’m happy to answer calls, emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and pretty much any other form of communication you can imagine! I am typically available all hours for emergencies but I will not guarantee that communication will be received or returned outside of those times.

I am only available for weekend work when specifically quoted. My weekend rates are different from my daily rates, for obvious reasons, but I can be available when necessary!


I accept payment via two forms: and I will send an invoice via the platform of your choice. Current clients will be billed at their selected interval. For any new clients who are reading this page for information, I now do all billing on a bi-weekly basis. All invoices need to be paid within 2 business days. Anyone who has an outstanding invoice for more than 2 business days without contacting me will have their account stopped, projects cancelled, and final invoice sent out for payment due immediately. This is in no way a reflection upon my long time and beloved clients, it is merely a protection put in place for us to avoid doing work we won’t be compensated for. I don’t have the time, patience, or man-power for collections!


Clients who require editing, scheduling, and writing jobs need to have a weekly schedule set up. I use Asana, iCalender, email, a sticky note sent via Owl or snail mail, text message, phone call, etc. I don’t much care how I receive your schedule only that I do. If you feel that this is not something you can do for whatever reason, please reach out to me so we can discuss other options.

I require that all long term clients set up a weekly schedule that is to be finalized on Sunday evenings. Any changes or additions that are added after Sunday evening need to be approved. I can’t guarantee that I can do quality and timely work for all of my clients if I don’t have a system in place to manage my available time.

Services and Bundles

If you are wondering where you can learn about the services and packages that I offer you are in luck, there is a whole page dedicated to just that! If you have questions about any of my offered services, or if you have a custom project that you need assistance with please feel free to email me at or contact me here!