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Content is a tricky subject in this line of work. Some people only like to write about what they know, others enjoy doing research. I prefer a happy medium…oh so original, I know! I enjoy writing about a lot of topics that I know but I am also happily available to do research.

For some the idea of doing quality research may be a daunting task but after years of training I’m confident in the research field and have the skills to find quality, reliable, content that can make the difference between a mediocre post and highly successful one. Readers want to know that they are seeing quality content that they can trust but they don’t want to dig through six pages of legal mumbo jumbo to find it; that is the happy medium where I thrive.

For you: the client, reader, what have you, it is important that you can trust the content you are receiving is exclusive and original. I use copyscape for all of my content and am happy to provide proof of originality for any content that you purchase from me. Doing research is different from copy/paste/theft. I work hard to ensure that my content is original and exclusive and never want you to be unsure about a purchase!



Meagen is a full time Virtual Assistant. She enjoys creating interesting content, playing grammar police, and spending time with her husband and pets.

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