Finding smart ways to destress as a virtual assistant is a must if you want to find success!

Smart Ways To Destress As A Virtual Assistant

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When I first started out as a Virtual Assistant I said “yes” to all the jobs and “no” to my personality sanity, sleep, and wellbeing. I quickly realized that if I didn’t find ways to destress I was going to be useless to everyone!

Finding smart ways to destress as a virtual assistant is a must if you want to find success!

Smart Ways To Destress As A Virtual Assistant

Clients want a Virtual Assistant who is on time, dependable, smart, funny, professional, and good at their job…you can’t be any of those things if you are constantly stressed out and overwhelmed. Part of the reason I went into this business was to have some autonomy over my own life and schedule. While being a Virtual Assistant provides that autonomy and more, you can lose that very quickly if you don’t pay attention to your own needs!

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Sleep

You have to get some sleep. I needed sleep more than I needed anything else but it was the easiest place to rob from in terms of time! I know it’s tempting to just power through, caff up, and go on with the grind. Don’t be fooled. You aren’t producing quality work if you are never sleeping.

I noticed a huge difference in my emotional wellbeing, my efficiency, and the quality of my work when I started making sleep a priority. It’s the simplest of ways to destress as a Virtual Assistant. Those hours are necessary for good work and a calm mind!

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Prioritize

As you work your way towards whatever goals you have in your business and personal life you will need to learn to prioritize. I noticed a big change in my stress levels when I learned how to prioritize my workload. Not everything has to be done in one day. All clients want to feel like they are a priority and they matter. Be upfront and honest about your scheduling system and this will help you achieve those goals.

Make a list, stay on top of it, don’t let anyone give you projects that you can’t get done in a timely manner. Remember, you are the boss. There’s not going to be anyone reminding you to do things but at the same time, there’s no one forcing you to take on projects.

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Say “No”

In the world of entrepreneurs it can be difficult to say “no”. We always want to be taking on jobs and work and seeing that cash flow grow. This is the number one way to end up stressed and overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to a) charge what you are worth right up front and b) say “no” when it’s not a job that you can do with passion!

Being passionate is what has carried me through the last few years as a Virtual Assistant. I am passionate about my clients, their goals, and that helps me get to my own goals for my business and ultimately my personal ones as well. I made the mistake of overworking and undercharging when I first started and it left me stressed and upset, avoid my mistakes wherever possible!

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Walk Around

When I first began this journey my butt was glued to a chair in front of a computer for 11-15 hours a day. I was making okay money and I was happy enough (because I got to quit a job that I hated with my entire being) BUT I was still stressed. One of the best ways to destress as a Virtual Assistant is to work in a walk about!

I feel better and less stressed when I complete a job and take a couple laps around the house, throw a ball for the dog, toss in some laundry, do some dishes, whatever is around that I can do while standing up and walking around for a few minutes. I don’t let this time totally derail my productivity for the day but overall it helps me do quality work and destress.

A few minutes to let your mind and your eyes rest after a task is good for you! The 5 minutes or so that it takes out of your hour is going to mean you come to the next task refreshed and ready to go.

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Make a List

I freaking LOVE crossing stuff off of my to do list. I have digital planning software and I use iCalendar like my life depends on it but they don’t give me the same satisfaction as a pen to paper. If you are a visual person or you are feeling overwhelmed by your task list, write. it. down. Seeing everything laid out in a row or in a calendar like this one will help you organize and manage the workload!

When you finish tasks (even small ones) you get to actually cross them off. This feels so good. That feeling alone gets me through Friday sometimes 😉

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Work with Great People

More on this coming soon. It’s worthy of it’s own post I promise! It’s important to work with great people. Not everyone is meant to work together. I am of the firm belief that I wasn’t designed to work well with everyone. It has taken a few years to get to the point where I’m willing to turn people down but I think if you are going to work with someone part or full time you need to mesh well.

Client relationships are a big stress. If you are looking for ways to destress as a Virtual Assistant you need to make sure you evaluate your client relationships. Do you trust and value each other? If so, you’re not going to have that added stress in your life. I wouldn’t trade my clients for the world and I always feel valued and respected by them, it’s a big part of why I’m willing to work extra hard to give them quality work, always. 

Smart Ways to Destress as a Virtual Assistant | Value Yourself

This is a biggie. When I started working at home (I know, another personal anecdote right?) I let myself feel guilty for not leaving the house everyday and going to a brick and mortar store or office. Don’t do that to yourself. It’s a quick road to stress town! Value what you are doing! You are making a difference in someone’s life. You are taking stress from someone else and making it into a beautiful partnership, that’s valuable even if your grandparents don’t see it as a real job.

If you don’t value yourself you’ll jump every time someone in your family calls and says “I know you have ‘work’ buttttt”. Be willing to say “no” to your family and friends too. Value your time and your position as an entrepreneur and you will see a huge reduction in stress. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. If you are making money and supporting yourself and your family there’s nothing left to explain!

Finding smart ways to destress as a virtual assistant is a must if you want to find success!


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