What Turns Readers Off: Keep Them on Your Page Longer

What Turns Readers Off: Keep People on Your Page

Most bloggers make money in some form or another by their ability to draw people to their page and then keep them there, or keep them coming back day after day. It is important for readers to be entertained, and also feel that they can connect with the content; oftentimes their interest is not enough to keep them on your page. Keeping people on your page can mean more ad money, more interactions, and more chances for someone to share your ideas with their friends. There are many great ways to keep people on your page. The easiest way is to control these aspects that turn people off. If a reader encounters too many things they do not like, they will leave. If they are turned off to your site and its content before you’ve even had a chance to present a real first impression they are not likely to be repeat customers.

Load Speed / Lag

It’s important that people do not have to wait an excessive amount of time to view your content. Today’s reader is accustomed to the lightening fast speed of mobile browsing and when they are clicking on a link, photo, or webpage, they expect the results to be mostly instantaneous. Make sure that your page loads well from all platforms. It’s your job to make sure that different browsers/systems all run your website at a fast pace that allows readers to access you information easily and quickly. You do NOT want readers to have to work to view your content. Allowing them to do as little work as possible will ensure that your first impression is a good one and that they want to keep coming back for more.

Advertisement Space

Ads are important. They make us money, they promote our products, and our affiliate links; all of these things provide us revenue so that we can continue our journey. There is no denying that the more ads you have on your page the more chances you have to make money with your website or blog. It is very important to make sure that these ads are not slowing down your site, obstructing quality content, or causing unnecessary irritations for your readers. If they have to close three pop ups, remove five ads, and turn off a video just so they can enjoy the post they actually came to see there is a good chance they will get that information from somewhere else. Finding a happy balance between content and ads will ensure that your website is user friendly and a return spot for plenty of users.


Find your niche. If you write about dogs and that’s what you want to focus your blog on, you can’t write about transmissions as well. In today’s tech savvy society it is easy enough to start two blogs, one about transmissions and one about dogs, that you shouldn’t have to combine them. Return readers are coming back for one of two reasons: they love your voice, or they love your niche. You have to have a pretty amazing voice for them to be coming back just to read whatever you are putting out…your mom doesn’t count. She loves you and she would read your 12 year old diary and rave about the content, she can’t provide an honest opinion about your blogs mixed up content. Focusing in on your niche will allow you to grow a strong reader base and allow new users to know exactly what you are about the minute they open you page. A clear, concise, and focused idea can keep readers from being overwhelmed and confused by a mixture of content.


Your photo content is just as important as your written content. Readers will often use your photos to tell the story in their minds. They want to see large, clear, informative photos. Keeping your photos at roughly the same size for all of your blog posts will help make your blog aesthetically pleasing to readers. They can continue to scroll down the page and not have to worry about re-sizing in order to properly view all of the content you have to offer. Make sure that in the same sense, you are not adding unnecessary photos to your posts and blog. Readers are already wading through ads, menus, etc. so likely they don’t want to see frivolous pictures. Keep it quality, and keep it focused on the topic to avoid turning readers off and losing interest.

Editing / Proofing

No matter how polished your writing skills are there is always a chance you will miss something. There is nothing more off-putting on a PUBLISHED webpage than errors. If you do not have the time or someone available to look over your work before you post it, leave it. Come back at a later time and look over the piece with fresh eyes. After a few times through you get used to reading your own work and your mind will insert the corrected versions where there are actually mistakes. Virtual Assistants can come in handy with editing and proofing assignments and purchasing pre-made content is always helpful but more than anything it is imperative to your success that you are only publishing quality content. Always double (or triple) check your work before it goes live. If you are in the business of writing sponsored posts keep in mind that sponsors want quality sites representing their brands. If they scan through your posts and realize that you are publishing content with noticeable errors they will likely reach out to other bloggers who they feel will more diligently represent their brand.


Mix it up! Keep your content styles changing. Your return readers will get bored if they are constantly seeing the same type of post. You can easily post different types of content on your blog or website that will keep your readers entertained and looking for the next click. Photo posts, videos, lists, countdowns; the possibilities are endless. Remember, readers need to be drawn in quickly or they will move on, use a variety of post types to keep readers interested in your site. If they are entertained and moving through your site you are making more in ad money, exposing your products and affiliate links to more customers, and likely building your list / readership.

I hope you have found at least a few useful tips! Everyone is different and every reader is different, no two people like exactly the same thing. If you can apply these tips and stay true to your passions as a blogger, writer, business owner, etc. you will do just fine!

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